Hunting For A Willing Mistress Is Hard Work

I just recently got a comment from a sissy about asking a vanilla lady (maybe) about being his/her Mistress. Now this is pretty tricky since the relationship was forged upon friendship and advice. Because  the vanilla lady knows about Paulina’s crossdressing , she could very well be open to training. Asking subtly could very well work providing she knows about sissy/Mistress dynamic. If it is embarked upon, there may be a slippery slope within the friendship. I have always said that friendship lasts much longer than a sexual dynamic. Both is best so who knows. Hunting for a willing Mistress is the ideal but who knows, because she may become the willing Mistress.

Hunting For A Willing Mistress: Ms Erin 1-800-356-6169

A Few Tips On Femdom Likes

Now some tips for you who would like to turn a regular girl into a Mistress. Develop your girlie intuition is number one. How does she react to your being enfemme. Is she fascinated with the transformation? Does she look repulsed or aloof. Be a little bold and ask if she would like to accompany you on a lingerie shopping spree to get her advice. If she does be sure to buy her something from there. If she begins to ask about feminization, discuss the submissive end on the subject. She may be very interested in the subtle act of feminization and maybe the more aggressive sissification. Does she seem to have a power personality or is she shy. A power personality makes for a great Femdom.


Hunting for a willing Mistress is a challenge. Whatever you do, tread carefully and be sweet and non threatening. Most of all be the friend she met with a bonus. A sissy is unique because she will have a friend and a project. In summary, the project is you and how to make you into the passable girl that you aspire to be.