Humiliation Can Be Lots Of Fun For A Mistress

Humiliation can be quite fun with the right phone fantasy caller. The someone who will go back and forth with you with clever answers and novel questions. This would be sissy jamie aka known as dick breath. Where she got this name, I don’t know, but the humiliation content is fun and lively. She loves being called a fag, and it doesn’t take much bi coercion on my part. She will do it at the drop of a hat. She also likes being roughed up a bit by a macho guy who gives her his hard cock.

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Dick Breath And Her Lipstick

Dick breath absolutely loves lipstick, the creamier, the better. It reminds her of cum eating and rough blow jobs. We were discussing a Mistress she saw where she is from. I will call her Mistress X. Ms. X roughed her up with a guest Mistress at a mall, for a mall humiliation session. Dick breath was ridiculously enfemme and openly outed. Then Ms. X proceeded with strap on dildo mouth fucking for practice she said. Practicing taking her out for street sissy slut training.

Back Seat Jaimie

Ms. X threatened to watch the lipsticked sissy perform blowjobs in the back of cars for the see which would, of course, go to Ms. X. Dick breath never got that far because this Mistress terrified her. This Mistress also threatened pussy pegging for extra compensation. All in all, she told me that Ms. X terrified her. I knew of this Mistress quite well. Know in the area of being the biggest meanie to walk the planet. I loved hearing this small story, every sissies dream! To be taken to a mall and humiliated. Then made into a slut.

Mistress Erin