Gurls are sissies, girlie bois, bois, panty boys, panty waists, and what else can anyone think of. Leave a comment if I forgot one. I have never met a sissy that did not like fun. Now and again, one turns up who is maudlin and down, and this is mainly because of dysphoria. It is my job and quest to bring everyone out of their slump to discover how awesome it is to be a sissy in training with the attention of Mistresses that tend to the training.

Gurls Just Want to Have Fun: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

Fun is one or two gurls on a leash that splits in two. Having two sissies is the best experience for a Mistress as long as they are well trained and well behaved. Disciplining a sissy can be a joy too, especially over the knee for a spanking. They must really earn this spanking, meaning the spanking is not a top from the bottom move. After observing a sissy, a Femdom will really know if it is or not.

Fun is taking a day for complete feminization from start to finish. Nails, hair, skin, makeup, wardrobe, waxing, gaffing, walk this way, talk this way. Being directed is another favorite for the gurl. Sissies love to be told what to do because they are beta with tiny little cocks that love humiliation.

Fun is having the two gurls be the fun at a CFNM party, all dressed up like strippers in front of Mistress and her Femdom friends. Nothing is more fun than this because the sissy is the focal point, the object of criticism. She must be as good as she can, and perform for the delight of the goddesses. Because the sissy loves attention, she will always do her best. The CFNM party in this case is CFNS, after the stripper clothes are shed!

Mistress Erin