Mistress Erin

Breasts and the Stroke Zone

Beautiful big breasts will always mesmerize a cock stroking man. These breasts are real, not bought in a surgeon’s office. I have this caller called “The Dairy Queen.” The name arrived last night, and it stuck in my brilliant little head. TDQ has a huge phone fantasy of me with lactating tits built. How is it possible? Well, through science fiction I would imagine. A girl walks into a tit job office and requests implants that nourish a she male sissy with a regular tit job.

Two Hot She Males

Envision this: a night of body worship between two she males, all dressed up in very kinky fetish wear. Both have big, 12 inch cocks, they are equals except Erin orders TDQ to his knees to worship her cock and then her big milky tits. Then Erin guides her into the stroke zone, carefully using words that trigger very relaxing adventures of guided persuasion. You know what guided persuasion is after all. A journey into a nurturing sub space where you are relaxed enough to cum when a Mistress demands it, gently!

With TDQ, I am a super woman with a huge cock. With TDQ, I am the boss and TDQ gets exactly what she needs, zoned out in the stroke zone!


Mistress Erin