Now that I have had plenty of requests for audios and voice samples, here is an audio for your enjoyment explaining what is guided persuasion. Think meditation. Think sweet, kind, but very sexy, intelligent, and fun. At times I get callers who want me to stomp them down and play hard core dungeon. I’m not comfortable with that, and I do not pretend to be. Call for soft and call for intelligent.


This is your sensual persuasive Mistress Erin. What is guided persuasion? Persuade you to do what? How will I guide your cock to do what I want it to do? Masturbation management is definitely something some of you need. First I will engage you in a delicious meditation. Eventually you will begin to tease your cock, teasing and denying, teasing and delaying, teasing to finally pleasing.

Down the road we will go further to full on orgasm denial. Down the road we begin to  train you for chastity persuasion. I make my training unique and orderly, sensually pleasing. This is the way I conduct all of my training. Much like a sexy therapist.

Some men call trying to persuade me to do a hard core humiliation session. I say no. Call me for sweet but strict, call me for sexy clinical, call me for serious sissy training with hefty doses of self esteem boosting. I will not yell at you. Keep that in mind. I am here to enjoy you and you are here to enjoy a hot, sexy and soft Goddess.


Mistress Erin