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Edging Your Cock

Guided masturbation is all about me controlling the wave of excitement. As you are tied to the bed in a safe and gentle manner with silk scarves, I will anoint your cock with special aphrodisiac oils, fragrant, silky, sensuous oils. You can hear the sound of the oils caressing your cock with my soft and caring hand. I will bring this beautiful cock to a very happy edge. I will bend over you and give you a very deep kiss, breathing my breath into your mouth. Your eyes are closed and you feel the breeze of the ocean travel over your body. My fingernails graze your skin. Breath deeply, the salt air. Feel the sun on my hand and your cock, and on both of our bodies.

Worship My Body

I take off my sheer purple dress and gently sit on your face so you may enjoy the sweet juices of my pussy. I want you to worship my ass as well. Graze your tongue in my ass. I have my hand edging your cock again, my goal is to edge your cock seven times.

Worship My Feet

It is time to enjoy the softness of my legs as I bring you to orgasm, controlling it at my will. I stand up and hold the bar above, using my feet to stroke your cock. You will worship my feet. My toe ring will excite the head of your cock.

I Make You Cum

Finally I guide your orgasm to fruition, still instructing you to breath deeply and rhythmically. Your cock and my hand have become one. As I stoke faster, I instruct you to breath with the stroke to a full explosion of orgasm.


You may lie here for as long as you like, savoring the afterglow of your guided erotic meditation.

Goddess Erin 1-800-601-6975