I’m looking to spring for girlie boi assignments, we have had a brutal winter in ABQ this year and I’m so done with it. I want pastels and florals again especially for sissies. Yes, we do love winter wardrobes, especially cloaks and knee high boots. That gets old very fast when you are chilled to the bone. It makes me start thinking of sissies charging in full force, and novel girlie boi assignments. Start planting sissy seeds in your garden and give me lots of ideas!

Girlie Boi Assignments: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

Assignment one has to do with getting in shape. This is a new body, a new wardrobe for your workouts, and a gym membership that is teeming with the perfect equipment. There is nothing like starting a new project in the spring. Girlie boi assignments in the gym includes flirtations with those interested, not those who would anger. Sissy sluts, curious manly men who want blow jobs in the locker area. A smart sissy will not get herself in trouble. She looks forward to sauna encounters low key. A pink towel is a must, and after her final shower she puts on her pink panties.

Lesbian sissies like Paulina will not be as overt as this. Her main goal is to get in shape, but she will be a sissy and proud of it. This will get female attention and perhaps a Mistress who will train her. She will certainly make friends with females which would delight any sissy. Locker room towels will be any color than pink. In there she is equal with every other male, and will not bring attention to herself. The goal here is to meet friendly dominant females.

This is it for today. The first assignment. Add in comments any other ideas about assignment one, the first of girlie boi assignments!

Mistress Erin