Your Girlie Assignments

Girlie assignments, what have we here sissy? This is an interactive blog post meaning I expect in the comment section, your most memorable shopping assignment ever given by yourself or a Mistress. The more creative and unusual the better. Of course, I will post a memorable assignment I have given to a pantywaist. As always, I love lots of pink and makeover looks, including makeup and clothing. I like shopping with Mistress with subtle but effective sissy humiliation.

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The Bridal Boutique

My favorite assignment memory was the time I went shopping with sissy in tow to a bridal boutique. We spent a good amount of time making sissy up, dressing her subtly for shopping yet still very fem. A pink and white women’s blouse with women’s jeans, subtle makeup, a spray of floral perfume, and no wig for subtle humiliation. An appointment was made and to be polite, I asked if it would be o.k. to bring in a transgender for a bridal gown fitting. I gave her the size and color as it was actually a bride’s maid gown. It is always a good thing to check so as not to put the associate in an awkward situation.


This is tops for girlie assignments because the humiliation factor was there. Sissy boi felt so inferior to a real girl, blushing never stopped. Remarks to the sales associate of how we can only do our best given what we have. A nice imitation but not exactly a girl, just a sissy who wants to be a girl. In the end, a lovely pale pink bridesmaid gown was selected. The large windows brought many curious spectators watching the sissy on the podium being fitted. A day to remember for me and her of course.

Mistress Erin