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The Cool Giantess

Sensual Giantess calls appeal to me. Squashing, eating stomping a tiny boy is not my forte. I like to take their little bodies in my palm and blow on them, lick them, coo to them and tell them they are safe in my soft hand. The do, however, understand who is in charge, who tells them when they come out of their little cage, and when they deserve a little “gift”.

Dangles Off Of My Heel

I love to dangle a tiny boy off the heel of my shoe and bring him down in a threat he may be stomped by mistake. Keeping him on the edge is paramount. Yes and the edge can mean edging his tiny little cock for me, assuming I will let him cum. He will not during these games. His orgasm will be denied.

Tiny Boy Breast Play

Tucking him in my bra while I go out is enticing. He can have a comfortable nap and make himself comfortable between my breasts. I like to wake him by squeezing my breasts together. Often he may hide in my panties exploring the jungle. He may get scolded and I take the elastic of my panties and snap it on him.

Dinner Time And Diving Time

A good tiny boy is allowed to eat with me at the table. He would be too little to serve but he certainly is entertaining . He will be fed little scraps with a chopstick. He will perform diving skills off of my lover’s hard dick, he will be my entertainment…sweetly 🙂

Mistress Erin