Giantess Sensuality Preferences

Giantess phone sex fantasies hold a lot of intrigue for me and for many, and I like to do it the gentle way. The email inquiries of vore, baked shrinker, smothering between breasts, stomped on by big leather combat boots, and blown out of asses like a cannon make me squirm and say no. I prefer rolling you in my mouth and not swallowing you.

Giantess persuasion, the gentle way: Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975

Will She Grow or Will You Shrink

How would the Giantess persuade you? Does she grow or do you shrink. It doesn’t matter which way you like it. Perhaps I guide you into a meditation, and you wake up to find you have shrunk and your clothes have fallen off. Shrinking men makes more sense to me, as a Giantess would have to rearrange everything in her life. A shrunken man is so much more practical.

Giantess persuasion, the gentle way: Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975

First: A Guided Meditation

I do love the idea of leading you into a sensual meditation. Then I have plans. Of course, you would panic, so I would have to cage you at first and tell you what happened to you. You have been selected to be in a Femdom Queen-hood of giant women who shrink men and play with them. To be taken out in a zipped pocket and fondled like a worry stone. They are there for proverbial boy toy play, and if there are several, maybe a little theater with some coerced bi viewing.

Is There a Way Back

Your karma brought you to me. I suggest you accept your fate of the play toy for a giant woman. Eventually I will “grow” on you because I am playful, not a mean Giantess who will swallow you whole. Look at it this way: you will never have to work again. Your only responsibility is to entertain me!

Mistress Erin