The Photon Shrinking Machine

They were really not giant women, it’s just that he shrunk to six inches when he went into the tanning salon. He was given a tanning bed by lovely Erin, and when the buzzer rang he could not get out because he could not reach the top. Erin came when she heard the buzzer, opened the tanning bed and said “Call me Mistress“, and she was huge, a Giantess. The tanning bed was an experimental photon machine designed by Erin and her friends so to shrink men down to a maximum of 2 inches. This boy was lucky, six whole inches.

Giant Women And The Helpless Tiny Boy: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

Giant Women In Charge

He still had his swim suit on, as that shrunk as well. Ms Erin picked him up in her hand and promised to take good care of him, protect him and keep him safe. She gave him a massage because the whole experience traumatized him. He enjoyed her strong thumb. She then brought him to “Femdom Factory” where they make clothes for their “guests”. She chose black school boy knickers with a white shirt, white knee socks, and a pair of boy’s oxfords even though he was a grown man. It gave him a fresh youthful look.

Preparing Him To Accept His Fate

Erin took him to her bedroom where he would stay. He had a little room in the room with a glass door that locked from the outside. This way she could keep an eye on him. The lucky little shrunken boy was shown his shower, a recess in Erin’s bathroom wall with his own little shower. What excited him was he would see Mistress as she showered, she would be able to keep strict watch on him to make sure he was not playing with his cock without permission. she then announced that this is a slave facility, and he will have the pleasure of meeting the other shrunk boys, of all sizes. To be continued…

Mistress Erin