Gender Bending With The Versatile Sissy Stevie Again

It’s been awhile since I did a super kinky gender bending phone sex call with stevie again.  She/he did say we would talk again in the fall, and here he was, the day of the fall equinox. A lot can happen when we both fantasize that we both have enormous cocks and know how to use them.

Gender Bending With Stevie Again: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

Exchanging The Experience

This gender bending experience is just what it is. Mistress is always Mistress, and sissy is always submissive sissy. Dressing stevie is part of the girlie experience. The Femdom experience is the sexy smell of leather and strap on harness with a big dildo. To watch a sissy suck the strap on is very erotic for me. To give strap on anal fucking is as well. Then the tables turn. I grow an enormous cock to replace the strap on because my cock will own the sissy receiving.

The Cock Disappears

Stevie will surprise me with something every time. This time my cock disappears and sissy becomes manly vanilla giving me his dick into my surprised pussy. There is much “virtual” cumming through the whole session until stevie has a major crescendo and lets a massive orgasm wind down the erotic phone call. The clothing changes with each minute making for a very creative call.

The Big Cock Comes And Goes

What makes this session so exciting is it is like a sexy erotic train making stops at each station. One never knows who will come on or get off. Imagine the comings and goings all very beautiful and adorned in the best of clothes. Now I wonder what it would be like to have an enormous cock that comes and goes. I imagine it to be a little scary but very sexy at the same time.


Mistress Erin