Foot Fetish: Your Feet On Display

We are now into fall so where does that leave the foot fetish boys who scan for feet on a walk? Here in the southwest we are still having warm days and open sandals are still spotted. The other day at an outdoor cafe I thought I would take some notes because this fetish is very popular in my phone fantasy work after all. I observed nine curious pairs of eyes looking at sandaled feet. Then I looked at the feet they were observing. Every one had painted toes and smooth heels. Men do pay attention!

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Observing A Guy Observing Feet

A man sitting not far from me was thoroughly engrossed in foot fetish heaven. I swear I saw his cock getting hard under his jeans. He began to adjust his cock watching a girl at the cafe on her cell phone. He blushed and looked away because he saw me observing him and her. After he had his coffee his eyes came my way focusing on my bright red toenails. I gave him a great big smile. Soon after he left. He was so busted, poor boy. I discovered his big secret, a secret which is no more.

Diversities Of Foot Curiosity

Often a man with a foot fetish will include shoes and other body parts. Legs and ass worship are often in the mix because the whole package is irresistible. Why deny the rest when he can go home, edge his cock over and over to amazing body parts. I imagine he may have used shoes from a thrift store masturbating to the fact that the shoes belonged to a pair of beautiful feet.

The Importance Of Foot Care

Finally, it has made me more aware that the feet which are mostly hidden away should be cared for daily because the man who adores your breasts may secretly love your feet. Keeping them soft and tended to will delight him beyond imagination. As a Mistress does he deserve such feet? Maybe not but Mistress owes it to herself to be perfect in all ways.


Foot Goddess Erin