FLR means female led relationship in case your don’t know. What does it mean to be in such a relationship with a dominant Femdom? Would you be willing to do her bidding such as naked housecleaning in a chastity cage, to be cuckolded if she desires, and to never make a decision without consulting your Mistress? Would you dress in sissy regalia if she needs a maid? Read on….

FLR Would You Dare To Try? Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

So many men these days are overwhelmed with job pressure and dream of FLR. Imagine a very dominant woman with a high powered job that she loves because of income and challenge. She is the bread winner, and you make half of what she does. It’s time to consider being as they called decades ago, a house husband. She has no time for children but she does have time to train you into subtle domination.

Prepare to be talented in cooking, massage, and sexual submission which requires you on the bottom. Cooking and massage classes can be provided, as well as pedicure and manicure skills. A Femdom loves to have around a sissy to shop with, a Femdom humiliates her sissy in a subtle way, never any blatant meanness. Femdom have class, and one can say the FLR is very sophisticated. simply, you are taking a women’s role spiced up with BDSM play that is negotiated and agreed upon. How will I buy my Femdom gifts you ask. It’s simple. Take writing classes at your local college and publish Femdom literature. This way you can work on your stories from life experience….wearing your secretary clothing in your feminine office full of flowers and pictures of your Goddess!

Mistress Erin