Mistress Erin

The Long Hot Summer

It’s been a wonderful summer and I have off been on adventures with new sexy men who love brainy blonds with long legs. I suppose you would love the details of the kinky sex and the vanilla sex, but I would rather talk about phone sex fantasies and how I can make you hard and horny.

Let’s Get Down

I would like to relax you with some slow and sexy tease and denial for awhile, bringing your cock to the brink then letting you down in a slow sensual way, whispering in your ear how nice it feels to tease you by holding that cock and then letting it go. This is where you will take it in your hand and kneel before me as I continue to dominate you softly and sensually.

Silky Pantyhose

I found out that you love silky panty hose, so I have you stroke your cock with the crotch of my worn ones fished out of the hamper and wrapped around your dick. More come out of the hamper to tie your wrists and ankles in silky bondage. Satin scarves come out for cockteasing and maybe pleasing.

Eating Cum With Class

You ask for a blindfold scarf and declare you want to be my collared slave. I absolutely agree as you cum in a vintage china cup and feed you the cum from a silver spoon.


Mistress Erin