Erotic Meditation In A Stressful World

Erotic meditation needs little explanation. With my expert guidance, creation comes next, creating the erotic fantasies that you have. I have heard so many in the past month, and I wanted to address a few. Some tame, and some not too tame.

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Sissy Trains To Become A Girl

Just last week I guided a new sissy into an erotic meditation involving training with a Mistress. It was from complete male to complete feminine sissy including cock shrinkage becoming a sissy clit. The breasts grew, the voice heightened, and the walk became runway. He became she, she became a sissy wife to a very masculine male. Several emails told of the lasting mindset and she will be calling weekly to enforce the feminization.

Bondage Abduction Erotic Meditation

Yesterday an elaborate bondage abduction scene was fantasized. The biggest prop was the trunk of a car as I transformed into a strong male abductor, tying up the crossdressing secretary, putting her in the trunk, and transporting her to my dungeon where she was ravaged and made a submissive slave.

Out Of The Closet Cocksucking Meditation

Erotic Meditation #3 was coerced cum eating using the fantasy of the boy eating cum from a cock in a glory hole. Since the desire of this boy is to suck cock and come out of the closet, eating his own cum was paramount in learning how to swallow. A dildo was used during the meditation to simulate cocksucking.

Chastity Time Release Meditation

Lastly, a male interested in orgasm denial that would last up to 6 months called with fantasies of being locked in a chastity cage that would never come off until a vault opened with the key. The meditation contained the beauty and strength of being locked for a superior femdom.

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