My Sensitive Feet

My feet in reality are very sensitive. Every lick of the tongue is an erotic sensation. I can honestly say I have an erotic foot fetish on having my feet worshipped. Often I have been asked if I like them tickled. No I don’t, not tickled. Tickled to me is torture. Slow erotic foot massage, my feet licked and pressed with the tongue. Toes sucked, and the whole foot jerked off like a dick. I enjoy fragrant sandalwood lotion, massaged all the way up my calf. Two hands working each foot is absolutely heavenly because both limbs are being tended to happily.

Erotic Foot Fetish Role Play: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

Erotic Foot Fetish Requires Imagination

Referring to the picture on the right, imagine yourself under my desk as I work, tending to my feet. You would be doing each and every motion as noted above because I demand it, and you do it gladly. Since I am your Mistress, and you are my submissive, my demands are eagerly received. You love my feet and worship every inch of them. A foot fetish is an elegant thing. It is set apart from all of the other body worship genres. The feet will always demand attention.

Erotic Foot Fetish Role Play: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

Tell Me Your Method

How do you worship beautiful feet? What is your method I ask because I may stumble on a method of foot ecstasy I never heard of. In comments I would love to see new things. Some will include trampling. I love walking on a body especially the cock giving it a little bit of torture as my feet touch the dick and excite it. This way, I can massage your cock with my sensitive feet, making the most of an erotic foot fetish. Delicious comes to mind as I may jerk it hard enough to make you cum. I excite the cock and I convince you to eat the cum. It is part of a kinky erotic foot fetish play.

Mistress Erin