Erotic Feminization Begins In The Costume Store In The Dancer Section

Ballerinas are the most emulated of all Goddesses according to most sissies. Erotic feminization is right at home with these costumed divas. Sissies love costume stores and girlie bois are plentiful in the dancer area. Of course you know pink is sold out very quickly. Leotards lead to padded bras and breast forms because they are so form fitting that you must sculpt your way into femininity. For erotic feminization, I believe a c cup is perfect and classy.

Erotic Feminization Ballerina Style: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

The Tutu And The Leotard

Mistress will dress sissy at the dance wear store making sure the cuffs are the right length and the tutu fits with the leotard. Tights are next, and I love costumes in all colors, not just pink. White is amazing for erotic feminization, checking carefully for stains and dirt. The knee length crinoline is super girlie especially. Sissy will wear different wigs depending on the event. Sissies fingernails are professionally manicured, and her makeup is done professionally too. A ballerina’s life is glamorous, and her training is impeccable.

Erotic Feminization Ballerina Style: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

Ballet Shoes Every Color Of The Rainbow

Of course there are the shoes in every feminine color, ballet style. Sissy will love the satin ribbons on the toe shoes. She will love the elegance and comfort of the ballet flats. Dusty rose is the perfect color for ballet flats. Pink satin for toe shoes. Such a world spun in glamour, the epitome of erotic feminization.


Mistress Erin