Subtle Humiliation

Erotic cuckolding may contain subtle humiliation, but mostly it’s hot and sexy, and invites the cuckold to join in. The cuckold will not endure small penis humiliation, nor will he endure coerced bi-cocksucking, unless he wants to.

A Threesome Bend

This is realistic pleasure, more like a threesome, it will be voyeuristic and exhibitionist. The cocksucking  will be hot, with the hot wife offering the cock to the cuckold to suck and fluff.

The Cuckold Is A Servant

What is the difference between erotic cuckolding and “swinging”? Not much really, except the cuckoldress will have most of the fun with cuck watching very closely while she enjoys the bull in charge. Cuck will not join in as in double penetration. He will be there to serve on his knees, sooth her sore pussy with his tongue, massage her shoulders while she sucks his cock. Offer a snowball to the lucky husband, and demand drinks, towels and other tasks.

The Bull Rules

The Bull rules in this pleasure. This will not be a democracy. The cuckold husband is what he is: there to serve for his wife’s pleasure, a cuckold slave, but not degraded. Simply of use, not abuse. There many be sissification involved should the husband enjoy it. This experience is pleasure all around.

Masturbation Only

How does the cuckold receive pleasure. He strokes his cock on his knees in a corner watching the couple. Should he be in a chastity device, he will simply remain frustrated and chaste. This is not a new spin on cuckolding, it is something that will more than likely happen instead of mean humiliation.


Mistress Erin