Too Much Pain Is No Gain

I will add a new bio to the domination phone sex site this week. Domination takes on many meanings. My particular style is soft but quite strict. I don’t like to give too much pain unless it’s a proper spanking. That would be with my soft bare hand. Maybe it would be gloved with satin gloves. I may tease you with a domed makeup brush while you are in tight bondage brushing gently on your full balls. For weeks you were not allowed to cum because you were in the cage. Now I’m teasing them gently, poor slave. You will learn to love domination Mistress Erin style.

Domination Mistress Erin Style 1-800-601-6975

Domination Mistress Erin Style

Your safe word is more like “I will work harder”. You will be more like a house slave instead of a dungeon slave. The roll you will have is to please me. I am the Goddess that owns you for eternity.

Stay Safe With Respect Is Your Best Choice

Learn the word respect. I find that these days I answer the phone for a domination call and hear “hay”.  Hay is for horses and better for cows. Protocol is very important and I remind phone slaves all the time to be respectful. The problem is during Covid the dungeons closed down and phone sex flourished.  One thinks if you are not face to face with a Femdom, anything goes. I will be the first to straighten that out.

Domination Mistress Erin Style 1-800-601-6975

Stand Tall And Be Proud

Domination phone sex is conducted as if you are standing tall and proud in front of a Mistress. You have much pride in being a slave, as it should be. One thing about that makeup dome is it feels delightful on the cock. A great gift from Mistress is her appreciation of you. You get your gifts when due.


Mistress Erin