Domination – it’s really a therapeutic process, isn’t it? You get to relinquish all your thoughts, fantasies, and of course, your control.

Can Domination Help Stress?

Yes it can! I have had so many sessions where I have been told that being dominated is a big stress reducer. I can’t agree more. The idea of escapism through means of story-telling, role-play, or even being told what to do can certainly help you reduce stress. It helps you to forget about what is going on in your day to day life and problems.

What Do I Do?

I do all types of domination and included in that is definitely therapeutic and much to do with guided meditation which can help enhance the whole process and which you away!

So I will include a list of things I generally do, and am probably forgetting so much more.

Guided masturbation





Coerced Bi



Toy Play

Maid Training

And much more!

Plus, I have you explore if you are not sure where the spectrum of your submissiveness lies.

Guided Meditation Can Help

When you exploring, or if you know yourself pretty well already – guided meditation can help in all of this. Also, keep in mind that I do have callers who love to call just to do the guided meditation with no kink involved, but anything is optional or can be included. Guided meditation is a great way to unwind!

Domination, as I said, is very therapeutic so be sure to get a call in to experience this first hand.