ASMR, What Is It

Lately I have been running into lots of ASMR on the web. It is autonomous sensory meridian response. It is very sexy and it makes you tingle. It is gentle whispering. I googled a you tube where the operator was chewing gum very slowly. I closed my eyes to hear the sensation of a blow job. She whispered very relaxing things. I was imagining whispering a cock control session with very erotic whispering. Any content can be used to make your cock hard. I imagine small penis humiliation carried on slowly and sensually without a trace of mean. I imagine a sexy sissy dress up session conducted in this manner.

Cock Whisperer

Every now and again I talk to someone who asks to be whispered to as he worships my body, and then he loves the instructions of stroking his cock at my feet in a sensual whisper. Ask me if you want an ASMR session on phone. Email me the request or simply just call me for an erotic phone session and state your request.

Erotic Femdom

Remember I am a sensual Femdom. I do not prefer harsh BDSM calls and condescending humiliation calls. Often these calls filter through. Did you read my bio? Did you think to inquire? To call and assume that I have a mean Mistress demeanor isn’t going to make it happen. Ask me is all I ask.

Mistress Erin