Humiliating Dickbreath A Fine Faggy Name

Rolling on the floor laughing, a call came in yesterday, male but in a feminine voice. The caller’s name was dickbreath a fine faggy name I said. So, yes google the name and see what comes up. Princess Britany named this sissy and fitting it is since cum drips from her mouth oh so happily. She is a petite dicklicker and only 5 foot 5, so much shorter than me. Just knowing how tall I was really put her in her place. The strength of my legs, so much more than hers. She imagines them really pressing tight. She likes her women dominant and strong, just like her men.

Dickbreath A Fine Faggy Name: Ms Erin 1-800-356-6169

Wants A Girlfriend But Ends Up Sucking Cock

Dickbreath totally wants a girlfriend but never gets a second date because he has a very small cock. A woman needs at least six inches after all. Gossiped about behind her back at work isn’t unusual at all. She almost hears the whispers…small penis poor thing. She wants to know why she can’t find a woman to feminize her? Because real women don’t like little miss faggy pants, they want real men that can change a lightbulb….lol

No, I Do Not Allow Cum Blasting On My Face

It was so funny when dickbreath asked me if I allowed a guy to cum on my face….what? Seriously..degrading and only for sissies, sissies like dickbreath a fine faggy name indeed. In the middle of the conversation she began to tell me how she loves it rough and tumble. Guys that plow the cock in her mouth, pull it out and jerk off on her face. Cum eating is only for sissies who like the taste of cum and love to swallow.

Humiliation Sissies Are Such Fun

Such was my sissy phone call with a sissy slut like dickbreath. It’s very easy to humiliate a sissy because it is doing a great service for them really. They need to be taken over the knee, spanked, and put in their girlie cocksucking place. This whole service has humiliated dick breath over and over again. Humiliation really takes the center stage.


Mistress Erin