The Cuckoldress, Who Is She?

Cuckoldress when you say it brings to mind a bitch of sorts who exploits her husband while merrily skipping off to the next big black cock. This is not always the case. She can be in agreement with her cuckold husband that this is the lifestyle they negotiated about early in their marriage. It may have been discussed as a kink or simply as a time for a change, period. Cuckolding can be hot and sensual without a bit of cuckold humiliation that mostly  goes with it.

Cuckoldress With A Hot Sensual Style: Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975

The Reality Of Cuckolding

In reality, which has nothing to do with what is discussed on a phone sex call, it can be a brief encounter done in private between the hot wife and a bull. Cuckold fantasies are one of the most imaginative genres of phone sex, embellished to the point of nonbelief. This is what makes them so much fun. I rate Giantess first in this arena then cuckoldress fantasies.

Sissy Cuckold

Sissies come in third of outrageously imaginative fantasies, especially if there is cuckoldry involved. Illustrations of a sissy in the corner masturbating his small penis as his hot wife is engaged with a big black dick covering the pages of Sardax art. Of course, sissy is dressed in a pink nighty without a wig or makeup to show that he is not a she. More comes into play with fluffing and being humiliated into sucking cock.

Cuckoldress, Mix It Up

Mixing outrageous and reality in a cuckold fantasy is good medicine.I like to focus on a hot sensual style, telling my cuckold partner to massage my shoulders as I sit on the bull’s cock. To pay attention to my breasts because the bull is busy going deep inside of me, and be sure to position yourself for your cream pie treat!


Mistress Erin