Most of the time cuckolding is fantasy role play. Cuckolding fetish rarely gets off the ground except in fantasy land because it may not work in reality. Do you really want to see your wife sucking a big black dick? YES?  Then let’s continue on to fantasy land. What makes a big black dick so attractive? Mostly because it’s so taboo I believe. He is the manliest of men with virility above most. He can fuck all night long and his dick is way above average. You love to see his skin glisten with sweat as he pounds your wife. Envision that. This is a cuckolding fetish fantasy for most, but some like it for real. is that you?

Cuckolding Fetish Fantasy Role Play: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

Do you have pictures of your hot wife with his dick in her mouth? I would want to see a before and after so it is indeed your wife. That’s the proof of a true cuckolding fetish. The fantasy role play can be conducted as reality which makes it real safe.

I love it when guys say, I have a cuckolding fantasy because this type of role play can get very creative. Wardrobe is the intrigue for me. It is almost always opulent with great preparation involved. The description of the big black sexy man is always of importance. The muscular ass, the balls hanging between his legs from the back. His broad shoulders heavily muscled and strong enough pick up your hot wife to pin her against the wall fucking her like a madman. I would love to hear opinions, ideas, and advice on this subject. Don’t hold back.

Mistress Erin