Cuckold Wife For Christmas: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

I had a fun caller who said he wanted a cuckold wife for Christmas. I told him I could definitely help him in the fantasy department, but I wasn’t looking for a cuckold husband at this time. We then started a juicy fantasy with me as his cuckold wife! At the end of the call he asked me to marry him. I declined and began to tell him of our free minute Christmas special. We are winding down so get that info from the banner above and take advantage of Ms Ally’s generous gift to us all! So yeah, back to cuckold boy….

Cuckold Wife For Christmas: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

This would be a dream come true, living on the Riviera with marble floors everywhere and the ocean view from the bedroom. The hot wife with a super studly big dicked Italian boy and the short stout hubby jerking off in the corner wearing a sheer sissy nighty. Opulence everywhere, planing the weekend trip to Venice with my stud. Paid for by my little cuck who pours the expensive champagne as he discusses it. The Ferrari rental, the suite overlooking the canals. Oh dear, did I drift away on that call! I’m happy it was a long call too, losing myself in the sheer phone fantasy of the year. More to come for this year to come.

I doubt I will be here on New Years Eve, but I may be here that day winding you up for the year to come. I have positive feelings that things will be generous for us all in 2019. I’m sure another post will be here before I decide what I will be doing. Happy Christmas to you all!


Mistress Erin