The Mechanics Of Cuckolding

So many phone sex calls flood in dealing with cuckold fantasies. Many involve cuckold training requests. This kink is very taboo and not openly discussed with a partner, so we at LDW are all ears. Maybe we can help with this communication, or just perhaps provide the fantasy. Communication? Maybe you have brought it up with your partner and it was rejected. She may not be interested at all but she may be curious. If she is totally against than consider moving on from this with her and just keep it as a fantasy with us.

Cuckold Training For The Submissive: Ms Erin: 1-800-601-6975

Cuckold Training For Your Needs

I want to focus on cuckold training on how to be the best cuckold should she decide yes. Also I will create a great phone fantasy should you decide you want that. I have a new profile on cuckoldfantasies , so go check it out. Once upon a time when I was in college, I had a cuckold male slave. We were not married. He was a single man who traveled on business and had no family. At the time, I was dating others from the fetish scene where I met him. He had extreme cuckold fantasies and we would role-play when he was in town. We attended the play clubs as cuckold and hot wife. Often I would bring new cock home for me and him.  This is where I can train you from experience.

Real-Time Experience As A “Hot Wife”

I was simply not a service top. The bulls I chose had to be up to my standard. Slave Martin had no choice, and he was fine with it because he was bi-sexual and enjoyed fluffing the bull. Some of the nuances in the training were from Martin’s suggestions and requests.  We preferred BBC because of the size and the humiliation but BBC was hard to find in play clubs. Adds were placed and most importantly, all three of us had to be compatible. This is an important dynamic. Slave Martin agreed to service in sissy wear as he sucked the bull. These things must be discussed and negotiated.


I take appointments if you wonder. Shoot me an email and I will respond within 24 hours. I do not take late-night calls. Early evening is ok as well as some early mornings.


Mistress Erin