The Next New Site For Me: Cuckold Fantasies

I will be submitting a new bio for the cuckold fantasies site this week. On my next post here, I will include it along with other news. We will be open Christmas and I intend to be here for you who need erotic company. My submissive guy will be here cooking in the kitchen, perhaps he will say hi if I cock tease him enough.

Cuckold Fantasies With SPH: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

The Ins And Outs Of Cuckolding

Back to cuckold fantasies. There are so many ways to play this game; for some, it is real. Finding complete compatibility is the challenge and not every cuckold has a small cock. Some pretend to be underendowed to enhance the fantasy. Imagine that! Most men wish for the biggest dick possible. These days cock shrinking is the new normal. Why is that? Is it because Femdom is taking center stage? It has a long way to go. Now we are experiencing the patriarchy holding tight to its reign. Look up the Kali Yuga for the Wikipedia definition. This is the age of strife, discord, and quarrel. We see it clearly and it will end. Small cocks will reign, and cuckolds will emerge.

Cuckold Fantasies With SPH: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

Is It the Little Dick That Cums Too Quick Or The Size Of The Bull

Cuckolding is a strong fetish and boys cum very quickly when they think of their wives and girlfriends being fucked by an alpha man. Perhaps these cucks are pin dicks, nerds with lots of money. They may have little limp dicks due to confidence issues. These are the things I will consider in the bio I will write. Normally I am more of a gentle Domme, but this bio may be a little more harsh because of the extreme humiliation it would involve.

ASMR Audio Plans

In the future I will be experimenting with more of the ASMR genre. Audios will be posted here, along with an audio page. I’m sure one will be cuckold whispering in your ear. Others, harsh whispering, sweet whispers , and eventually some audios for sale on the audio store. I decided to put off Twitter for awhile.


Mistress Erin