Crossdressing and purging: It seems to go hand in hand with some of the crossdressers and sissies I talk to. Why is that, I wonder?

Society is Trying to Program You

I think there is way too much emphasis on trying to be a man for men. Many of you have expressed your desire to be feminine, because you feel feminine. You have always felt that way. Between movies, advertising and societal standards – you must adhere to these invisible guidelines of being a man and NEVER being a girl. Because to them, being a girl would be bad. I say that you really should try being a girl more – it’s healthy for you to express yourself. So yes, crossdress!

Why Purge?

If you feel the sudden urge to purge, just take your clothes and put them away in storage somewhere. Don’t throw them away. I guarantee you will want to dress up again sooner than later, and you’ll regret throwing $200 worth of clothes out the door or more. Then, you’ll find yourself out shopping again, which is fine, but you don’t want to have to replace that wardrobe a 3rd time because you felt a temporary urge to be masculine.

If You Feel it, Do it – Crossdress!

Im all for you not wanting to risk your job, and your relationships all because of your desire to dress feminine. I get it. But what about your desires and needs? We all need to do what we want to do sometimes, right? When you are alone, you should be able to feel and do what you want. This is where dressing feminine on your alone time comes in. Or, if you are feeling brave, going out and showing the world your feminine skills!

Erin and I are very open and supportive of your femininity and a little guided meditation could help all that. But purging? Let your storage take care of that .. don’t throw clothes away!