Collaring is a most personal ritual in BDsm. The ceremony can be elaborate or a simple gesture. Personally I love elaborate with a custom made collar with lock, guests, and of course a Headmistress to do the honors. I once had a sissy slave who dressed in a fuschia gown with clouds of crinoline, pumps to match, and of course a custom made collar for the ceremony of ownership. The collar was white leather with satin fuschia and green flowers, a gold clasp, and a gold heart lock. Inside was my name, “Property of Ms Erin” etched in the leather. It could have been on the outside but I found the flowers to be more appropriate.

Collaring Ownership Of My Submissives : Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975

The collaring ceremony took place at a BDsm play club. I wore a Victorian leather corset and a long leather skirt which was slit on the side, and of course leather stiletto heeled boots spit shined by my sissy slave. I wore a black leather bolero hat and long kid leather gloves. I looked most beautiful, dominant, and sexy. The collar was carried on a pink satin pillow by the naked slave (except for shiny metal chastity cage and nipple rings) of the Headmistress.

My sissy was on her knees beside me on a confessional. This was symbolic of course of her submission, and also convenient for the final vow of locking the collar on. Since it was not a conventional marriage, a slave contract was drafted and signed by both of us. Slave contracts are all different depending on a lot of agreements. “I now pronounce you sissy slave collared and owned by Mistress Erin” was the final words of Headmistress, then the collaring. After that, a great party with catered food and champagne. A cake of course with Mistress and slave figures on top!

Mistress Erin