Cocktober Final News

We a coming to the end of Cocktober, Locktober and cocktober final news. I was not on much due to reinstatement of more hours at my regular job. Ms. Erin is throwing around some evening calls and maybe some weekend shifts. I do have a lively social life, so I take that into account. I have a new boyfriend who is sweet and mostly submissive. He believes in Femdom and believes women are the superiors, so we of course, get along great.

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Do You Love Tease And Please?

While taking phone sex calls, I was engulfed in lots of tease and please callers which made for lots of happy endings. I was hoping for more Skype calls. Misserindelany is my handle on Skype and I like a heads up. If you want a session because I am not signed in unless I have an appointment there or a request through email. During cocktober, it’s nice to have Skype to view strokers and cum eaters. Giving lessons is so much easier with viewing. When more time comes, I intend to post once a week here.

How About A NOvember

So then, cocktober final news report! 15 strokers with happy endings. 2 intense edgers with no orgasms, 4 cum eaters who hated it, one guy in chastity who lasted almost all month (great work Martin). 5 of the 15 were sissies,
all were submissive 🙂 . I cannot disclose the site of the month for November yet. I suggested we should have a NO vember where orgasms are totally forbidden. What do you think?

Cocktober Final News Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975

Get Your Discount Before It Ends

let’s not forget the cocktail hour where you get a discount on your calls till the end of the month. Chances are I may be on for those hours. I plan on signing in a little later today after my boyfriend Asher gets untied. Yes, he is in bondage right now as I write this. Time to give him a little attention right now!

Cocktober Final News

Mistress Erin