I Am Taking Skype Callers Now

Skype has been added to my services. I visit it a few times a week so send me an email if you want a session. That way I can get back to you asap. I will not be doing sexy texting for now. Skype ID: misserindelaney. My availability has been sparse because I have more hours at my regular job. Now on to what’s going on for cocktober.

Cocktober And Anything In Between: Ms Erin: 1-800-601-6975

Join Me For Cocktail Hour Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will join you for “cocktail hour” and I’m looking forward to it in a very big way. What I really need to do is get on more sites and add a voice sample. I was thinking of adding a sample on this blog every time I add a post, however, often the blog traffic isnt as buys as the sites. The cocktail hour is giving you a nice discount, so I hope to see you there.

Cocktober Is For Enjoyment

Cocktober is all about all things cock control. I can go all ways with this, especially controlling your cock with fierce and subtle strokes. I like to control throught chastity training as well, with or without a cage. Cocktober is simply about the usage of dick through the will of a Mistress. Subtle Mistress training is my forte with a little rough stuff added for spice.


Mistress Erin