Strict Chastity Or Relaxed?

Chastity training does not have to be strict for beginners. It can be whatever you want it to be. I prefer to guide you along in a way that benefits your needs. Should you want it strict and very disciplined, that can be arranged too.

Chastity Training For Beginners: Mistress Erin 800-601-6975

The Guided Masturbation Beginning

I prefer chastity training that begins with guided masturbation, a great deal of edging your cock to control the orgasm, and to teach discipline. Two weeks is perfect for this training, and then we can put you in a chastity cage for the negotiated amount of time.

Single Men Only

I prefer a single male to train. Married men are very difficult to train. The failure rate is more than I prefer. The perfect male to train will be older, single, and keenly interested in pleasing me as well as the challenge involved in chastity training.

The Communication Style

Of course being in chastity requires check ins, pictures or cam verification, a great deal of communication back and forth, a designated date out of orgasm denial, and of course surprises. What surprises? Surprises are determined by the relationship we cultivate.

When Will It End?

How does it end? It may never end. Some enthusiasts can go on for days, months, years. All chastity slaves are complex and different. Some prefer a loosely managed program, another may prefer a complete control given to me.

How Will It End?

It will end as we discussed. There may not be an orgasm at all. There may be a frustrating ruined orgasm, complete orgasm denial, a challenging orgasm marathon, or simply a nice juicy slow and very relieving orgasm with a huge sigh of relief. It will all be in the negotiation, or maybe in the big surprise!

Mistress Erin