Mistress Erin

Is Chastity For You?

The lockdown of chastity may be in some of your futures for extreme cock control. No why do you ask about this. It seems that my email is filled with it, the need to be sexually controlled by a very dominant woman who has the intelligence to know when to stop and to go. Though my experience is a bit limited, I am open to counseling from you! Does that surprise you? Don’t let it. A Mistress learns from a slave all the time. So yes. Call me and state your desires.

Masturbation Management

On the subject of cock control and orgasm denial. I do believe a male does best on a schedule and a program to keep him stimulated and interested. Masturbation can be boring if done to the same porn, same fantasies, same station. Yes we are experts in cock management, however, we love your input. Your deepest darkest fantasies that turn you on and make you cum, or not 🙂

Teach Me!

I think it’s about time I step up my blogging since school is over for awhile. I am a perpetual student, and never tire of learning. This is why I ask you to teach me as well. To keep it fresh!


Mistress Erin