A Lifestyle Couple Does Captivity

My boyfriend and I have been playing ever since we met in a dungeon in Phoenix Az. I took the drive down from ABQ to see if it was worthwhile. This was four years ago, and coincidentally he is from ABQ as well. This week he suggested we do captivity training in my closet. Why not? I have a two bedroom apartment, and the spare bedroom has a roomy walk in closet, and it just so happens to be the kink closet housing all of my sexy toys.

Captivity Training In My Closet: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

Captivity Training In My Closet

There will be a three day training where he is treated like a prisoner in an orange jumpsuit. Wrist and ankle shackles will be part of the outfit, and his head will be shaved for the occasion. On the menu will be oatmeal, gruel, and water. This will be solitary confinement. The closet will be locked from the outside because captivity always brings up feeling of flight and fear. I have three days off from my other job and will be there as his prison guard. There is a vent at the top of the closet for me to look down into.

The Solitary Confinement Cell

He will have several blankets to sleep on and a fold up camping toilet for personal needs. All meals are served in his “cell”. He will be in and out of the shackles. On the second day I will slap on a cock cage and interrogate him about jerking off in his cell. That deserves punishment because I put him in complete orgasm denial.

Preparing Him For Chastity

At the end of the third day, captivity training in my closet ends and he is then a free man. He is a changed man and above all, his cock was kept chaste. After that, he becomes more of a slave to me. In conclusion, he has gotten used to a chastity cage and he will be that kind of prisoner soon enough!

Mistress Erin