Captivity Slave Roleplaying

Role playing with a captivity slave is always a challenging delight. I like to use a closet full of fragrant lingerie and essential oils for sensuality . The closet remains locked, of course. The slave’s wrists are bound in silk scarves, and he either stands or sits depending on the duration. For a short time he is standing, and with a satin panty gag. For a longer duration, no gag and sitting on a comfy stool. I believe a captivity slave should be played with gently, not cruelly. The cruelty is practiced in different ways, and I will get to that!

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The closet has slats that open for me to view the submissive boy as he stands or sits. I ask him questions and his answers I cannot understand because he is gagged. He is watched throughout the day or night. At night the closet light is on with a 200 watt bulb. I provide water through a straw and remove the gag frequently. Needless to say he is sleep deprived the next day. This is a good day to take him out of the closet, blindfold him , and get him on his knees to whisper in his ear the delights of captivity. Whispering why he is here: to worship Femdom, to be the entertainment. To kowtow to Mistresses ministrations.

Affirm That Femdom Rules

Affirmations are in order. He now has to suffer the crop of the Mistress while on a homemade spanking bench. He is ungagged and ordered to repeat the affirmations. An example would be ” All infractions are dealt with through strict discipline and cropping. Mistress is in charge, Mistress knows best. Mistress punishes me in a strict but fair way.” After each affirmation, he is cropped. This is my idea of  captivity slave role play. I know you enjoyed it.


Mistress Erin