Erin 16

A Popular Gurl

New sissy Linda is making me a very proud Mistress, indeed. Being the pretty gurl she is, she has met several men through listings who have become regular visitors. Flowers are brought, dinners are bought, and gifts of jewelry and dresses are presented. Her outings are becoming more and more frequent. Since she is gathering a new wardrobe, she is compelled to take more walks en femme.

Feminine Sissy Power

Sissy Linda and I discussed the possibilities of marriage to one of her suitors, and I told her to be careful to not play the vamp creating rivalries between the two smitten males. She giggled and said, “Oh nooooooo Mistress Erin, I would never!” I don’t believe her for one minute, of course. She is now feeling her feminine power.

Cock Sucking Lessons

Cock sucking lessons were the content of our call this week. How to suck cock and eat cum is the essay assignment due in one week. She now feels comfortable taking a selfie of herself sucking the host, so the assignment will include a photo. Cum eating has been rehearsed for a week now, consuming her own upon demand. I instructed that was enough for now. She will be in orgasm denial until the assignment is finished.

Under My Wing, Under My Thumb

It’s always my pleasure to take a sissy under my wing for training. One who has been waiting for a patient Mistress who is strict, no-nonsense, with subtle humiliation and no pain. That is me.

Mistress Erin