Body Worship With Food

Body worship. Does it make you hard? Think of eating food off of my body, sharing whipped cream, feeding you by my mouth, licking hot syrup from my body, your body, and enjoying it all blindfolded or not. Does that sound delicious? Oh yes, it certainly is. Especially the sweet cream on your dick, licked off, very very slow!

Hot Tea And Ice

Does it get you hard with a little fire and ice such as hot tea and ice cubes interchanged while you are in bondage, me testing it out on your cock. Whipped cream at the tip of your dick, you eating sushi off of my body carefully picking them up with lacquer chop sticks?

Sexy And Messy

What do your think of food fetish body worship? Does it make you hard mixing sex with your dinner? I imagine you giving me a massage and then eating blueberries from the small of my back, licking honey from my earlobe, and feeding me a banana split while I am blindfolded.

Jerk Off With Coconut Oil

This is body worship plain and simple except with food. The use of coconut oil massaged all over the body is a way to introduce food fetishism. The oil is delicious and smooth, perfect for a lubricant on your cock. Imagine two bodies covered in this oil caressing. It is masturbation plain and simple. Introduce coconut oil into your next phone sex session and see how your cock glistens. Enjoy cock control to it’s full extent with food fetish fantasy.


Mistress Erin