Blindfold Meditation Technique

Blindfold meditation is hot, sexy, mysteriously given with fingertips, scents, licks, and strokes. Are you driven by sexual passion and mystery? Here you go, read on. Imagine that I take you home for the night with the intent of turning you on in a different way. You love my perfume, that’s a start. You look at my long hair and imagine me wrapping it around your cock and stroking it. You see my French tipped nails and think about me pinching your nipples in a soft gentle way.

Blindfold Meditation Sensually Driven : Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

Silk Scarf Bondage

I say let’s try some blindfold meditation, masturbation, stimulation, tying you to a chair with silk scarves. You are naked with a silk scarf blindfold, I run a soft feather between your legs, Relax and breath, go deep. Enjoy my soft sensual voice cooing to you as you relax and go under. I sit on your lap and whisper in your ear. You are my slave, you are my submissive, you are under my control, and your cock is mine.

Pure Sensation

My fingernails graze gently your nipples, the head of your cock, the balls as my lips whisper and graze your mouth. Stroking your cock slow and teasingly, blowing on it, nestling the tip of my tongue on it for a  slow and frustrating tease. Tease and deny goes through your ears, tease and please too. What will it be as my breasts find your mouth. What do you imagine or deserve.

Do You Cum?

As my hand circles that cock forcefully, I tell you all meditations end in a happy ending after all, and so you surrender as I determine if you cum or not. Stroke stroke stroke I go, catching that cum in my mouth, and feeding it to you, demanding that you consume.


Mistress Erin