Big Penis Little Penis, Don’t Worry

A big penis he has and you do not. Penis envy is a Freudian term. Now why would any woman want a penis is beyond me unless she is transgendered. Back then Freud believed that most women were jealous of men with cocks. Not so anymore at least but this post is not about that. It’s about males who envy a big penis. Is that you? Big penis envy is a real thing among males, now then, you cannot embrace small penis humiliation. You have to face reality!

Big Penis Envy And Little Peen Boy: Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975

My Mixed Feelings

Do I like a little peen? Not especially. Do I like a big dick? It really depends on how big it is. I have to truthfully say 9″inches and above can hurt if fat. But I do not like a pencil dick. Let’s say I am very selective of penis size. I will not reject a male on grounds that he has a little cock. We can be friends and I will help him into the road of feminization should he be interested. Humiliation of a little cock comes easily if a woman is blunt and truthful, not exaggerated and mean.

Big Penis Envy And Little Peen Boy: Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975

Are You A Sissy Or A Fag?

So then my question is do you sit in front of the computer checking out big cocks? Do you imagine bi-cocksucking with or without cum eating? More than likely you do. You are jealous your size cannot match but his big cock turns you on. I say go for it and throw in that ego. Just suck that cock! Empower your little dick with a pair of panties. Take the sissy plunge or take the fag plunge. All will be well. Just accept yourself!


Mistress Erin