The Overrated Big Dicks

Big dicks are nice; they are also overrated sometimes. If a man knows how to use his big cock, then all the better. Sometimes he can be a bit “cocky” because of his size. Truth be told I do not prefer a small cock at all. An average sized cock that is very thin is also not preferred. An average cock with sizable girth is nice.

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Must All Sissies Love Big Dicks?

I had a lengthy conversation this morning on big dicks with a sissy who puts adds for big cocks only. I told her to branch out and see how variety feels, and she said she had too many small cocks answer the adds with lies and fake pictures. They think that once they made it to her house, she would just give the blow job and shut up. Not so with this gurl. She is not exactly passable at 6’4″ and muscular. So imagine Mr. small penis having the door opened to him and there is a sissy in heels looking like a giant. Be careful on these listings, many lie.

Do Big Dicks Have Better Tasting Cum?

Big dicks have better tasting cum she said. She likes to eat cum for the grand finale. Big dicks do not have the best tasting cum. It all depends on age and diet. May I point out that this sissy has a much bigger throat than mine, especially being the giant she is. She may be able to take a huge cock. I do not eat cum, and that was debated too. Cum eating is for submissive sissies I told her, not a dominant female.

This conversation was one of the most lively phone sex calls I have had, and not exactly did we have phone sex 🙂 It was a debate, and it was fun, and it also got me thinking about dick size!

Mistress Erin