The Dark Side

I just got done submitting a post to the daily cock on strange and unusual fantasy role play. It should be posted tomorrow. I was pretty much inspired by a boy who called yesterday talking about “my dick”, yes he fantasizes about me having an enormous cock for him to suck. I certainly would love to have a dick for a day. I would need to arrange a fuck buddy for that day, and you know I would be jerking off with absolutely no masturbation management at all. There would be no orgasm denial either…lol. So check my post later on tomorrow at…The daily cock .

Tell Me Your Secrets…..


So yeah…beyond kink. What does it mean? It means you call and confess your deepest darkest fantasies. Things you would never speak of, which of course includes…sissy! Sissies have enjoyed phone sex for years because of this. Crossdressing is a taboo in many parts of the world and completely accepted in others. Cuckolding is another. Just the thought of another man’s cock in your wife could make most me squirm. None of these things are particularly beyond kink unless you have a spin on it, something different and unusual.

You Are Safe With Me

I’m not at liberty to say…why? Because I won’t kiss and tell on you. I will not pass judgement, laugh at you, unless you want me to. That would be a humiliation call!

Mistress Erin