Best Hot Sex Forever!

Best hot sex memories of this year, anyways. I have one special one in particular and it involves vintage wear and a big purple strap on, providing the best strap on sex I ever experienced.  The best hot sex, of course, involves my orgasm as well as his. Call me for some expert pegging conversation on your next phone sex fantasy call.

Best Hot Sex Memories Of 2017: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

The Purple Corset

I found a beautiful vintage corset in a Phoenix vintage store while visiting friends. It has lavender lace and a full cup with both hardware and cord to tie the back tight. The whole satin corset is a deep purple with the lavender lace around all of the edges. It is in perfect shape. I happened to have a large purple dildo with harness at home, which matched it perfectly. The lingerie is complete with black sheer stockings attached to vintage garters in metal. Black velvet “Vintage-ish” open-toed pumps complete the outfit. Of course, there are accessories like the black velvet cameo around the neck.

The Purple Strap On

I wore this last week for Christmas fun with my boyfriend as a surprise. Often “best hot sex” lingerie involves the colors of the season but not this time. My boyfriend who is no stranger to kink and strap on sex was surprised to see me enter the bedroom dressed as described except for the big purple dildo attached to the purple harness to match.

Mutual Orgasms

What makes this the most amazing kinky sex ever? The fact that this purple dildo has a bulb that goes inside of me while the penis part which is 8″ long, goes inside of him. For extra added fun, smack in the middle is a button that turns on the vibrator. Not only the slave gets to experience a big orgasm, but so does Mistress using the Feel-do vibrating penis and bulb strap on!

Blessings and Happy New Year!

Mistress Erin