I am a clinical herbalist and work for a compounding pharmacy part time. It is not enough to pay the bills but eventually I will be full time staff. Until then, I am here, and will be here until I am full time. Then I will be here part time. When I tell friends and colleagues what I do on LDW, their main concern is if it hurts anyone. No it does not…unless.

I love assisting you on your journey through fetishland through erotic phone sex fantasies. An orgasm and sometimes orgasm denial is highly cathartic reducing stress in this chaotic world. Mostly, a transgender has no outlet for his fantasies and no ears to listen to him. I am here with a non- judgemental ear. Who understands a sissy but a soft Mistress who wears panties herself, who enjoys the feel of a hard cock. This accounts for every fetish in the book, even BDSM. All can be cathartic.

So what then can be harmful? Extreme humiliation can be. Words have power. A recent caller answers the phone saying he is a complete loser. How can I react to that but to not lecture but to say, I am sending you back. This is not my forte and you are better off with a humiliatrix. So this person wants to be slammed and hung up on. For for the sake of the boy’s mental health and mine, especially mine, I do not take these calls.

Mistress Erin