ASMR For Curious Sissy Bois, Crossdressers, Bi-Curious Seekers And The Like

My time off with blogging is over. Expect a weekly post at least from now on. Especially on ASMR, sexy whispering in your phone ear . Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Feel the tingling on your scalp all the way down to your horny dick! I just finished a post on The Daily Cock. Read the post and leave a comment HERE.  ASMR for curious sissy bois is my topic of the day because sissies and other girlie bois seem to respond to this kind of sensuality the most.
ASMR For Curious Sissy Bois: Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975

Sexy Sissies Love ASMR With A Little Trance Music

Are you curious sissy? Good. ASMR done well will bring you to a trance state. Be sure to request trance music in the background while we do our phone fantasy call. It will keep make you go deeper with solfeggio beats. Sissies and crossdressers are a sensual group, loving the feel of silky satiny velvety clothes. Sometimes a sissy likes it rough and tumble, sucking cock and eating cum here and there. Mostly she loves to talk about her wardrobe and shoes.

Send A Detailed E-Mail Of The Session You Desire

ASMR is a great deal of listening for you. An email sent to me before the session will inform me of all the details you want to cover. Exactly what would you like whispered into your ear? Do you want to cum or be orgasm denied. What is your sissy clit telling you it needs. Wearing a sissy maid’s uniform is the cherry on top for some. Sissy slut attire is good for others.

Sissy Sluts Are Possibly The Most Amusing

What would I do with a sissy slut you may wonder. Well now, that call would align with how slutty you are. I could whisper how you have always been a whore and will always walk the street in a red corset. Your pantyhose is torn from being on your knees. The lipstick you applied is smeared from the last blow joy. Furthermore, your makeup is raccoon city. Touch it up because you will make more slut money. Certainly you are in the sissy slut profession for a reason. This is your role play because you sent me the map.

Lesbian Sissies And Strap On Pleasure

The lesbian sissy will expect Mistress to guide her through strap on sex. Mistress is the owner, the dominant. Sissy will often be bound and gagged when Femdom takes the lead, all the time whispering in sissies ears. Licking and tasting that ear may be part of the dynamic.

Whatever your brand of ASMR for curious sissy bois is, I am here to work with you. Your fantasy will come alive with ASMR. While on the fantasies of sissies with ASMR, I want to wish Get Girlie a big happy birthday. Some festivities will be planned. Stay tuned and set up a call with me. You will love it!

Mistress Erin

ASMR For Curious Sissy Bois: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975