Mistress Erin

I am Here for You

I listen and absorb all of the information that you give me about you and your world, so you never have to worry about a robotic phone sex session. Your need for an ear is very important, and all things are taken into consideration. Let’s say that either one of us do not like the content of the conversation. We can end it without a problem, but I have the feeling you will stick around, and I will too.

Guided Meditation Example

Have I told you about my guy? He is kinky to a certain extent. What he loves most is guided sexual meditation. He loves being tied to my big wooden bed posts with silk scarves of various colors. Silk scarf bondage excites him along with blindfolds. Since he loves restraints, while he is in bondage, he loves body worship. This is the perfect time to sit on his face and make him talk and lick. He must talk of the sweetness of my pussy before I put him in a meditative state. After I have had my orgasm or two, I begin to bring him to a state of complete relaxation, while I stroke his cock very slowly with a silk scarf.

The Visuals

He is told to take 3 big deep breaths as I play a 30 min theta recording. “You are following a trail that spirals up to a hill top which is a sacred vortex. You see beautiful plants and flowers of all colors on the side of the trail. The earth is red under your bare feet. You have connected to the earth through the chakras in your feet. You see at the hill top, me standing there in a sheer purple dress blowing in the breeze. I look at you and say “I want to give your cock guided masturbation.” To be continued.

Ms. Erin Delaney